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A Mother's Expectations

“Da Vinci is a wonderful school. The environment is very comforting and the staff consists of loving and caring people. When I was first looking for schools to enroll my son in, I really didn't feel that any fit my child's potential. When I went to the interview for Da Vinci, I felt an instant connection. Da Vinci was the only school that was willing to give my child the chance to excel. I felt my child was in very trusting hands and he is now currently two grades more advanced for age. I love the student to teacher ratio and that every individual student has a curriculum made to fit their educational growth. I feel this provides for more improvement and a thorough understanding of their studies. 

I would highly recommend Da Vinci to anyone who is looking for a school to enroll their child. I am extremely grateful for everything this school has done to mould my child into the child he is today. Having a child who actually loves going to school says a lot. I can not wait to see how my second child will benefit from going there. Thank you for everything and for the years that are yet to come."


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