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School Year 2023 - 2024

1. No Homework!

Since 2008

 We are the only school in Okinawa that includes all subjects and complete the full curriculum without the need to assign homework.


2. Morning Exercise!

Since 2015

At Da Vinci International School, we believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle for our students. That's why we have a special program where all our students exercise every day. Before starting classes, we spend around 40 to 50 minutes doing a combination of workouts like cardio and body exercises. This helps our students stay active, strong, and ready to learn. We know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind, and we're proud to offer this program to our students.

3. NEW! Hands On Engineering Science

Starting Summer 2023

Through our partnership with Young Engineers, all Da Vinci students, from 1st Grade to High School, have access to this program during school hours.


4.  NEW! Hands On Earth Science

Starting Summer 2023

 All our students from Kindergarten to High School during school hours will participate in our program at Horse Garden Churan: learning about farm animal and horse riding classes are included!

 5. NEW! Financial Literacy

Starting School Year 2023-2024

We're incorporating real-world money management skills into our curriculum, covering crucial concepts like earning, spending, saving, borrowing, and more. Through practical exercises, our students will learn to make good financial decisions, appreciate the value of hard work, and understand the importance of helping others. We aim to prepare our students to make a positive impact on their own lives and their communities!


 6. NEW! Extended sports hour until 6:30 pm.

Since February 2023

 All Da Vinci children and teenagers can participate in the best Soccer Club in Okinawa. We provide transportation directly from Da Vinci Campus to the Zico 10 Soccer School.

 7. The best Summer Program

Since Summer 2017

Our Summer Program is packed with exciting activities! From pool trips and ocean sports to night parties and field trips, our summer schedule ensures continuous fun. Plus, arts and crafts, sleepovers, and camps in Okinawa's beautiful outdoors add to the unforgettable summer experience at Da Vinci.


8. Languages

Since 2022

Starting from Junior High, students at our school can choose extra language classes. Since last year, we've added more options, including French, German, Spanish, and even Japanese. Plus, if you're in High School, there's even more good news. You can study up to two subjects in your own native language! As well as the languages mentions above, we also have Portuguese and Chinese. Isn't that cool?

9. NEW! Experience Okinawan Culture

Starting School Year 2023-2024

Dive into the rich Okinawan culture at Da Vinci! With a suite of courses like Taiko drumming, Sanshin playing, and Japanese language classes, we offer a unique opportunity to engage with local art and tradition. Discover Okinawa's cultural richness through hands-on learning experiences.

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10. NEW! Da Vinci Children’s Resort

Starting Summer 2024

Next school year, we will enjoy  Field trips, Camps, and Summer Program in our new property: NIKOMA! It is a beautiful place in Onna with gardens and pools.

11. U.S. Accredited

Since 2010

Our school proudly offers a US Accredited curriculum, providing our students with the chance to test for universities in the US and worldwide. We ensure a high quality education by partnering with reputable schools accredited by Cognia, NCA CASI, NWAC, SACS CASI, The National Association of Private Schools, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and WASC. Join us for boundless opportunities!

Contact Us


449-3 Uezu, Uruma,

Okinawa 904-2222


098-973-4637 (8:00 to 16:00)

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 4:00 pm


9:00 am – 12:00 pm



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